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Stop The Bus


Description: Try not to get thrown off the bus in this fun card game! Get as close to 31 as you can with a single suit or get 3-of-a-kind to make 30, then stop the bus Ė but be warned, whoever comes last loses a token! Lose them all and itís a long walk home! With 3 difficulties, lots of computer opponents, detailed game stats, high-scores, fun casino style graphics & chilled sound, this is a game youíll keep coming back to!

Controls: Try to get as close to 31 as you can with a single suit. Aces are worth 11 and picture cards are worth 10. You can also make 3-of-a-kind for 30 points! Click the deck or waste to take a card then click a card from your hand to discard it. Stop the Bus before you discard a card if you think your score is good enough to beat your opponents!

Gameplays: 204359 (76 today)

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