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Sydney Shark
After visiting family in Tampa Bay and itís thirst for destroying aircraft and killing of innocents unquenched, our friend and savior the Shark journeyed across half the planet to find itself in the land down under, Australia. With annihilation of various marsupial species in mind, it will brutally murder everything that gets in itís way and everything not in itís way, taking down a helicopter or two as chaser. Somewhere in the distance a koala has a premonition of itís untimely and overly violent death.
Date added: Apr 22, 2010
Rating: 4.50/5.0
Gameplays: 13778 (1 today)
Category: Action
Pixel Basher
Arkanoid-style arcade game with multiple weapons, upgrades, crazy bouncing balls and Łber effects. Enjoy crashing the oldies, pixel-style!
Date added: Apr 21, 2010
Rating: 2.72/5.0
Gameplays: 6397 (0 today)
Category: Action
Homerun in Berzerk Land
Welcome to Berzerk Land! Itís play ball time and the Berzerk Crew is ready to teach Comeau the nerd a good lesson! Bash the hell out of this geek all the way through Berzerk Land, earn money to buy new gear and gain experience to increase the power of your character!
Date added: Apr 19, 2010
Rating: 4.49/5.0
Gameplays: 24619 (0 today)
Category: Action
The Flood Runner 2
Will you beat the flood? Run hard and jump for your life in The Flood Runner 2!
Date added: Apr 5, 2010
Rating: 4.32/5.0
Gameplays: 23887 (0 today)
Category: Action
Nano Ninja
One Button Ninja.
Date added: Apr 3, 2010
Rating: 4.19/5.0
Gameplays: 8951 (0 today)
Category: Action
Mushroom Madness 2
Mushroom Madness 2 is finally here! Protect your íshrooms from the onslaught of hungry animals.
Date added: Apr 1, 2010
Rating: 4.44/5.0
Gameplays: 17718 (1 today)
Category: Action
Final Ninja
Help the Final Ninja Takeshi defeat his arch nemesis Akuma by using your stealth and ninja rope skills.
Date added: Mar 30, 2010
Rating: 4.36/5.0
Gameplays: 9415 (0 today)
Category: Action
Neon Rider
NeonRider is a fast paced reflex driving game. Drive your vehicle in the cyber world and try to finish the tracks as fast as possible. Change your bike color to stand on colored lines, collect bonus points and perform crazy flips! You will always be able to stand on blue lines. Use the minimap to plan your ride.
Date added: Mar 29, 2010
Rating: 4.48/5.0
Gameplays: 72626 (13 today)
Category: Action
Help Captain Bobulous destroy waves of enemies who threaten to destroy the entire universe.
Date added: Mar 28, 2010
Rating: 3.63/5.0
Gameplays: 13716 (0 today)
Category: Action
Line Simulator
Get ready for the adventure of your life in this new point-and-click adventure! Youíre waiting in line for the Playstation 4 to come out. Thereís only one problem: youíre not first in line. Kill off the other people in line in order to be the first one to get your hands on a Playstation 4...
Date added: Mar 22, 2010
Rating: 3.64/5.0
Gameplays: 15106 (0 today)
Category: Action