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Magnet Towers V2
Move your mouse to stack pills of the same color into a tower. Click the mouse button to create a tower fusion. The more pills you stack at one time, the more points you'll get from the tower fusion. Don't let your tower run into pills of a different color, or your tower will get blown apart!.
Date added: Mar 2, 2009
Rating: 4.43/5.0
Gameplays: 162954 (7 today)
Category: Skill
Crush The Castle 2
Even after crushing and capturing Arcturia, the Redvonian King was still longing for more castles to crush. Rumor has it that King Blutias has built sturdier castles in his cluster of islands known as Crushtania the Redvonian King wants them crushed. The King has sent you, his Seige Master, and Halgrim his finest mason, to assemble the greatest minds in the land to destroy Blutias's empire.
Date added: Sep 16, 2010
Rating: 4.69/5.0
Gameplays: 146696 (12 today)
Category: Skill
Halloween Tripeaks
Your goal in this solitaire game is to try to win as many rounds as possible and get the highest score you can.
Date added: Oct 24, 2009
Rating: 4.48/5.0
Gameplays: 141435 (21 today)
Category: Skill
Take blocks from the tower and stack them on top. Be careful not to knock over the tower! Unlock each new zone and remember to reuse as many blocks as possible.
Date added: Jun 14, 2009
Rating: 4.10/5.0
Gameplays: 134990 (32 today)
Category: Skill
Shopping Cart Hero
Jump your shopping cart to greatness. You know you've always wanted to try this in real life.
Date added: Feb 11, 2009
Rating: 4.68/5.0
Gameplays: 83552 (0 today)
Category: Skill
Blocks are falling from the sky. Climb them as quickly as you can to avoid the rising liquid!
Date added: Aug 3, 2008
Rating: 4.15/5.0
Gameplays: 66365 (1 today)
Category: Skill
Gravity Stick
Simple, yet fun and addictive balancing game! You have to prevent the stick from falling down by moving it with your mouse for as long as possible. The red ball on top of the stick will bounce off the dropping larger balls, but the dropping balls are otherwise harmless.
Date added: Jul 10, 2008
Rating: 3.77/5.0
Gameplays: 59577 (2 today)
Category: Skill
Park My Car
You were just given the keys to an expensive car! Now your job is to find it a parking lot. But keep in mind, these cars must be handled with extreme care.
Date added: Jul 14, 2008
Rating: 4.18/5.0
Gameplays: 58179 (0 today)
Category: Skill
Super Stacker
Carefully stack the shapes in this fun physics puzzle game!
Date added: Nov 19, 2008
Rating: 4.44/5.0
Gameplays: 52626 (0 today)
Category: Skill
Castle Clout: RoTK
Shoot down the castles and the king with your catapult in this sequel to the original game Castle Clout. Now with 22 levels, 4 types of projectile, a build and share and level editor..... are you ready to take on the king?
Date added: Feb 21, 2009
Rating: 4.25/5.0
Gameplays: 45687 (1 today)
Category: Skill