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ConFusebox 2
A sequel to the popular "turn on the lights" game named ConFusebox. Now with three different ways to play and three different difficulty settings but with the same objective - connect up all the wires to the power source and light up any light-bulbs. Any wires that are connected to the power source will glow yellow, and any bulbs that are connected to live wires will also glow. Once all the bulbs and wires lit, you win
Date added: Jan 8, 2009
Rating: 4.29/5.0
Gameplays: 117800 (16 today)
Category: Puzzle
Connect Animals
Help animals find their pairs by connecting them together. The game may have simple rules, but it's more challenging than you can imagine. It's a fast-paced action puzzle game that puts various of your skills at test. Can you manage to save all the animals before time runs out? In-game instructions with detailed description of rules are included.
Date added: Jan 5, 2012
Rating: 4.42/5.0
Gameplays: 656389 (229 today)
Category: Puzzle
Crush the Castle
Crush the castles with your catapult as you launch your rocks and try to kill everybody inside.
Date added: May 7, 2009
Rating: 4.60/5.0
Gameplays: 545882 (5 today)
Category: Skill
Crush The Castle 2
Even after crushing and capturing Arcturia, the Redvonian King was still longing for more castles to crush. Rumor has it that King Blutias has built sturdier castles in his cluster of islands known as Crushtania the Redvonian King wants them crushed. The King has sent you, his Seige Master, and Halgrim his finest mason, to assemble the greatest minds in the land to destroy Blutias's empire.
Date added: Sep 16, 2010
Rating: 4.70/5.0
Gameplays: 145505 (21 today)
Category: Skill
Cube Attack
Destroy the cubes before they fall down the cliff! Click two or more similarly colored cubes to destroy them. You can also blow up boxes of TNT to destroy large chunks. Have fun!
Date added: Jan 26, 2012
Rating: 3.92/5.0
Gameplays: 3181235 (285 today)
Category: Puzzle
Death Row
Help the prisoner who's in a death row. Get him healthy and improve his condition before he faces the electric chair. There are a number of little secrets and ways to help your prisoner. To win the game you have to discover all 8 pieces of hidden evidence and email the governor for a pardon.
Date added: Aug 5, 2008
Rating: 4.43/5.0
Gameplays: 87832 (2 today)
Category: Adventure
Deluxe Pool
How accurate are you at the game of pool? Play to find out!
Date added: Oct 11, 2008
Rating: 4.28/5.0
Gameplays: 59140 (7 today)
Category: Sports
Destroy All Zombies III
Use five different weapons to make your way through 20 waves of familiar enemies, new enemies and four bosses.
Date added: Dec 17, 2008
Rating: 4.39/5.0
Gameplays: 73363 (6 today)
Category: Shooting
Dolphin Olympics 2
Jump high into the air and do all sorts of difficult stunts and tricks as a dolphin.
Date added: Jul 20, 2008
Rating: 4.57/5.0
Gameplays: 194887 (6 today)
Category: Sports
Electric Box
It's time to think outside the box. Electric box is a unique styled puzzle game where you have to connect power from the power supply to the set target.
Date added: Feb 22, 2009
Rating: 4.45/5.0
Gameplays: 48615 (3 today)
Category: Puzzle