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Date added: Feb 1, 2014
Rating: Not yet rated
Gameplays: 1 (9 today)
Category: All
99 Bricks
Build the highest tower using 99 bricks. Includes realistic physics and Tetris-like bricks.
Date added: Dec 2, 2008
Rating: 4.13/5.0
Gameplays: 99620 (4 today)
Category: Puzzle
Numbers are falling from the sky, and you have to destroy them before they hit the floor. You can remove numbers by selecting them with your mouse so that the sum of the selected numbers equals 10. There are also special helps such as bombs and clocks to slow down time.
Date added: Aug 20, 2008
Rating: 4.30/5.0
Gameplays: 375813 (2 today)
Category: Skill
Age Of War
Defend your base and destroy your enemy. You start from the age of cavemen, and you have to constantly develop your army to become more modern.
Date added: Aug 10, 2008
Rating: 4.62/5.0
Gameplays: 60931 (10 today)
Category: Strategy
Amateur Surgeon
In this game you perform complex medical procedures on shady individuals with everyday household tools in an impromptu back-alley operating room. Make incisions with your pizza cutter, remove debris with salad tongs, stitch 'em up with a stapler--you get the idea. This version encompasses Act I, the first 10 surgeries (plus accessible bonus missions).
Date added: May 17, 2009
Rating: 4.37/5.0
Gameplays: 170741 (9 today)
Category: Other
Apple Shooter
Shoot the apple off your friends head using a bow and arrow. Be careful not to hurt your friend!
Date added: Sep 25, 2008
Rating: 4.39/5.0
Gameplays: 640723 (9 today)
Category: Skill
Blocks are falling from the sky. Climb them as quickly as you can to avoid the rising liquid!
Date added: Aug 3, 2008
Rating: 4.15/5.0
Gameplays: 66365 (1 today)
Category: Skill
Battle Gear
Your goal is to conquer the world. Start by choosing your side from one of three superpowers: USA, Russia and China.Take charge of military operations and enter enemy territory by air, sea and land.
Date added: Jan 1, 2009
Rating: 4.49/5.0
Gameplays: 127078 (1 today)
Category: Strategy
Destruction of structures made of blocks. All in accordance with the laws of physics.
Date added: Dec 21, 2009
Rating: 4.37/5.0
Gameplays: 164419 (5 today)
Category: Puzzle
Bomboozle 2
The blobs are back and it's your job to remove them from the island! With bombs of course.
Date added: Dec 8, 2010
Rating: 4.30/5.0
Gameplays: 664303 (86 today)
Category: Puzzle