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Escape From The Bathroom
A point and click game where your goal is to escape the bathroom. It is much more challenging than it sounds.
Date added: Jun 12, 2009
Rating: 4.18/5.0
Gameplays: 227775 (15 today)
Category: Adventure
Amateur Surgeon
In this game you perform complex medical procedures on shady individuals with everyday household tools in an impromptu back-alley operating room. Make incisions with your pizza cutter, remove debris with salad tongs, stitch 'em up with a stapler--you get the idea. This version encompasses Act I, the first 10 surgeries (plus accessible bonus missions).
Date added: May 17, 2009
Rating: 4.37/5.0
Gameplays: 170893 (4 today)
Category: Other
Cargo Bridge
Cargo Bridge. Design a bridge, with your limited resources, that will allow you to safely move your cargo from one side to the other.
Date added: May 9, 2009
Rating: 4.51/5.0
Gameplays: 223791 (8 today)
Category: Skill
Crush the Castle
Crush the castles with your catapult as you launch your rocks and try to kill everybody inside.
Date added: May 7, 2009
Rating: 4.59/5.0
Gameplays: 546383 (7 today)
Category: Skill
Build walls to capture ghosts and fill the playing area until you can go to the next level. Don't let the ghosts catch you or you will lose one life. Collect power-ups that will help you avoid ghosts or even eat them.
Date added: Apr 14, 2009
Rating: 4.50/5.0
Gameplays: 1135283 (174 today)
Category: Skill
Fight through antarctica killing 19 enemies and bosses in this intense sidescrolling shooter.Buy new weapons and upgrades to build up your arsenal and take out the Penguin king!15 enemies and 4 bosses.9 weapons with 33 upgrades and 6 special upgrades.
Date added: Apr 10, 2009
Rating: 4.69/5.0
Gameplays: 116305 (4 today)
Category: Shooting
Super Mario Defence
You play as bowser - and your castle is being invaded, you must use your minions to destroy waves of the Mario Brothers as they try to break in. With 13 towers and 20 levels, this is sure to keep you entertained.
Date added: Apr 6, 2009
Rating: 4.40/5.0
Gameplays: 80486 (2 today)
Category: Strategy
Choose Greece, Egypt or China and solve the puzzles by cutting the chains. If you get stuck, just try another civilization!
Date added: Apr 5, 2009
Rating: 4.53/5.0
Gameplays: 49142 (0 today)
Category: Puzzle
Play Colourshift and try your best to complete the circuit by connecting all the electrical wires to make them light up in the same colour.
Date added: Mar 29, 2009
Rating: 4.51/5.0
Gameplays: 511163 (75 today)
Category: Puzzle
Gangster Bros. 1.1
This time Mario has a gun! Shoot down the enemies, create your own levels, and more in this fun remake of Mario.
Date added: Mar 20, 2009
Rating: 4.42/5.0
Gameplays: 67184 (4 today)
Category: Action